ANRÁN is a country retreat situated in the South West area of Devon.

Set within rolling hills and stunning countryside you will find a grove of majestic grade 2 listed buildings and an adjacent dairy farm know by the locals as “Tidwell”.

The buildings dating back to the 1700′s lay derelict and unoccupied for several years.

In April 2013 the farm was purchased from the church commission of England and a major renovation was undertaken to meticulously restore the property and to convert it to a private residence.

In making this our home and also a place from where we can work we have not only aspired to create luxurious accommodation and a variety of venue rental options but also moved our photographic and design studio on to the premises.

We have also started farming again and are proud to say that we have a variety of animals and planted a whole host of fruits and vegetables that are already being harvested.